Community Service

  • Every student at Amber Charter School participates in a community service project every year. In this way students begin to know the community, its needs and strengths, and see themselves as a vital part of their community. They also begin to see themselves as contributors to the strengthening of this community. The 4th graders are the student leaders assigned to specific classes. They guide their assigned class in planning the community service project for that year. In the past community service projects have included:

    • Writing Letters to soldiers in foreign care posts
    • Gift booklets for fire fighters
    • Blankets for local shelters
    • Reading to preschoolers @ local day cares centers
    • Singing @ Senior Centers
    • Planting flower beds
    • Cleaning local parks

    These community service projects are executed on Amber Service Day which is held the last Friday in May. A Community Service project conducted by Amber Charter School students must be:

    • Local: Serve the neighborhood
    • Hands-on: Time and energy is the currency not money
    • Personal: Connect with those to be served