Student Council

  • Amber Charter School Student Council  

    Congratulations to our 2022-2023 Student Council members President Doris, Vice President Julietta, Secretary January, Student Affairs Daron, and Treasurer Vivian!

    Amber Charter School Board Open House East Harlem

    Judge Hon. Shahabudeen A. Ally swears student council members in during school assembly.


    Student Council Positions

    • President- Leads the work of the student council. Represents the council at meetings and events. Determines the issues to be addressed and plans to be accomplish by the student council throughout the year. Writes a monthly letter in the student newsletter.
    • Vice President- Supports the leadership of the President. Stands in for the President when the President isn’t able to perform his/her duties.
    • Secretary- Takes minutes of every meeting. Supports the leadership of the President. Collects all material needed for the publication of the monthly student newsletter.
    • Treasurer- Keeps record of all funds raised and dispensed. Supports the leadership of the President.
    • Student Affairs- Promotes all academic, cultural and sports activities of the school, i.e. Spelling Bee, Multiplication Marathon, Science Fair, Book Fair, Photo day, Three King’s Day Parade, Career Week, Spirit Week, Olympic Day, Basketball Team and book reviews for student newsletter. Supports the leadership of the President.
    • Faculty Adviser: A staff member that guides and advises the student council and facilitates the publication of the student newsletter.


    5th Graders who have been nominated, run a campaign, and if elected by the student body serve on the student council.