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    Amber Charter School was founded in 2000 as the first Latino-led charter school in New York State by the Community Association of Progressive Dominicans (ACDP), a community based organization. Our school is located in East Harlem and Washington Heights. In East Harlem we serve close to 500 students in grades K to 5.  In Washington Heights we serve over 100 students in grades K and 1 since 2016.  

    Our classes average 23 students per class. In grades K-2 there is a teacher assistant with the lead teacher. In grades 3-5, there is a part-time tutor in the classroom with the lead teacher. Students participate in a core curriculum in literacy, mathematics, science and social studies. In addition, enrichment is offered in the visual arts, music, physical education and technology.

    All students receive instruction in Spanish as a second language from kindergarten until they graduate in fifth grade. Special education services include counseling, speech, a special education teacher, occupational therapy and access to physical therapy off campus. An after school program is offered, as well as a afterschool tutoring and Saturday Academy that supports struggling students reach grade level.

    Amber has partnerships with El Museo del Barrio, Boys Club of New York, Harlem Hospital, Legal Aid, Academy of Medicine, Fordham University, Lehman College, Teachers College, Bubble Eats, Settlement Health, GenerationOn, Creative Arts Workshops, and many others. 

    Amber’s students outscore their peers citywide and in Districts 4 and 5 on both math and ELA tests. This year 97% of Amber’s 4th grade students scored 100% proficient in the NYS Science test. The school earned an “A” for student progress on the most recent DOE progress report. The school earned excellence in Rigorous Instruction, Collaborative Teachers, Supportive Environment, Effective School Leadership and Trust on the most recent DOE Quality Snapshot. This year there were over 1700 applications for 300 seats in Kindergarten and first grade for our two Amber Charter School locations.