School Safety

  • SCHOOL EMERGENCY INFORMATION FOR PARENTS/GUARDIANS Schools continue to be one of the safest places your child spends time. The safety of each child is the first concern of our school sta. Our district has crisis plans in place for each building. The staff has been trained for emergency situations. We conduct routine drills with staff, students and our local police and fire departments.

    We know in an emergency, parents want to be sure their children are safe. We have prepared this information to let parents/guardians know important information in emergency situations.

    Adults will always stay with your child until you can safely reach your child or they can safely be transported home.

    Your child will ONLY be released to those persons listed on your emergency information card. It is critical that this information be correct and updated as needed. You should keep a copy of this information so that you can periodically check to be sure it is current.

    It is also necessary that the nurse’s office has medication information for your child. Even if your child takes their medication at home, in case of an extended stay, the school needs to know what medications are vital for a prolonged period of time. If you have any questions, discuss this with the school nurse.

    When we need to relay emergency information to parents/guardians we will use the following means:

    Emergency Broadcast to phone numbers provided by parents/guardians (this is why it’s vital that parents update our files with changes, i.e., address, telephone number, etc.)

    Online @

    By radio @ WCBS 880 AM

    If it is an emergency situation occurring at your child’s school, please use the methods listed above to obtain information BEFORE rushing to the school. There will be instructions about parking, parent reunification sites, etc. We have two confirmed evacuation sites near Amber. It is vital that you get the correct information about which site may be used in a particular emergency before you come to the school. This information will be provided for you during the emergency notification from Amber. Also, emergency vehicles will need first access to the building.

    Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to lockdown the building. Until it is safe to release anyone to the neighborhood, visitors to the school will be directed to a separate area to await direction from emergency personnel. -In rare circumstances (i.e. criminal at large), it may be necessary to prohibit anyone from entering the building. Parents will need to refer to the methods listed above to get information about reunification. -Please know that if your child is injured in any situation during the school day, you would receive a phone call directly from a school official.