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    What our Parents are saying about Amber:

    “My son is in first grade and this is our first year at Amber. We are in LOVE with everything about this school. It is almost like being in a private school, and I know as I have taught in a private school for 13 years now as a first grade teacher. The teachers are very professional and attentive. There are many opportunities for professional development and involvement in the school. It is a warm community with a strong drive to succeed academically and socially. The principal is an amazing speaker and leader. Amber has formed a strong academic foundation and aims to mentor its graduates into strong middle schools. It is a pleasure to be part of this fantastic institution.”

    —Submitted by a parent

    “My eldest daughter graduated from Amber two years ago. My middle daughter currently attends Amber. I was initially attracted to the size of the school since they have their own building and do not share with another school, but then I fell in love with the teachers and sta. The safety team at the school is excellent. The principal Dr. Vasthi has made wonderful additions to the school’s curriculum. The school could use a larger space as the gym/cafeteria/multi-purpose room is a little tight. The curriculum has changed over the years which makes it hard to understand the direction of the school. The PA president is very passionate about service to the school and the school staff and administration have the interest of the child at heart. Any parent wishing to have a caring and nurturing environment for their child should consider Amber Charter School.”

    —Submitted by a parent

    “Great teachers, good education. Family oriented. I am pleased with the education my daughter has received at Amber and will continue to receive.”

    —Submitted by a parent

    “Amber is a wonderful school where the staff makes you feel like family. The curriculum is excellent. This is a school you need to visit to see for yourself.”

    —Submitted by a parent

    “I love Amber Charter School, the teachers are excellent with their curriculum. The staff is great and always very helpful, and the security in this school makes me feel that my child safety is first, and that makes me feel very comfortable. My child reading and math levels are very impressive, and I know that I could not have chose a better School. Thank You Amber Charter!!!!”

    —Submitted by a parent