Amber Way for Staff

  • Sasha and Sammy


    Our Central Values 

    • Amber values that we are human beings, acknowledging our strengths, and empowering each of us to build strong alliances among children, families, staff and the larger community.
    • Amber respects the languages and cultures of our school’s community and of all communities locally and globally.
    • Amber is a safe place to engage in varied dialogue about our differences and similarities.
    • Amber meets the needs of our student/family population through a curriculum that teaches from a pan-cultural perspective.
    • Amber provides our children the opportunity to be more apt to learn through a creative learning environment using the arts as a means to integrate our children’s culture in the school’s curriculum. 
    • Amber’s families, students and staff are committed to academic achievement, and the continuous re-assessment of the quality of our program. 
    • Amber is committed to creating an inclusive community in which members respect each other and support one another’s effective participation in the school.