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    Amber is a classic example of what “charter schools” were thought to look like when originally envisioned in the early 1990’s, academically challenging, innovative, and community focused.

    Amber Charter School, the first Latino-led public charter school prepares K through 5 students for academic success in middle school. Founded in 2000, our first elementary school in East Harlem serves over 460 students. We provide our students an academically rigorous and well-rounded education, along with strong character development, that will enable them to succeed in top middle schools and beyond. In September 2016, Amber Charter School ll, a second elementary school, will open in Washington Heights.

    To work at Amber means that you will:

    • Be challenged and supported to improve.
    • Be expected to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and leadership.
    • Be treated with respect, honesty, and professionally.
    • Be valued, trained, and supported.
    • Be part of a unionized faculty.

    Join a team devoted to positively impacting the lives of children and families every day.